2017 發表論文

2017 目前發表 35 篇 SCI 論文。


2017-12  蔡伊琳

Chen, GY Chao, HC Liao, HW Tsai, IL Kuo, CH* (2017) Rapid quantification of glutaminase 2 (GLS2)-related metabolites by HILIC-MS/MS. ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY


2017-12  吳瑞裕 糜福龍*

Don, TM Lu, KY Lin, LJ Hsu, CH Wu, JY Mi, FL* (2017) Temperature/pH/Enzyme Triple-Responsive Cationic Protein/PAA-b-PNIPAAm Nanogels for Controlled Anticancer Drug and Photosensitizer Delivery against Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer Cells. MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS


2017-12  陳顧中

Wang, TM Chen, KC Hsu, PY Lin, HF Wang, YS Chen, CY Liao, YC Juo, SHH* (2017) microRNA let-7g suppresses PDGF-induced conversion of vascular smooth muscle cell into the synthetic phenotype. JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE



陳品全 吳玟欣 黃彥華 鄭嘉雄 陳顧中 林政緯* Impact Factor 6.513

Lee, WY Chen, PC Wu, WS Wu, HC Lan, CH Huang, YH Cheng, CH Chen, KC Lin, CW* (2017)

Panobinostat sensitizes KRAS-mutant non-small-cell lung cancer to gefitinib by targeting TAZ. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER


2017-11  蔡伊琳

Chiu, HH Tsai, IL Lu, YS Lin, CH Kuo, CH* (2017) Development of an LC-MS/MS method with protein G purification strategy for quantifying bevacizumab in human plasma. ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY


2017-11  鄭可大

Wu, MS Chien, CC Cheng, KT Subbaraju, GV Chen, YC* (2017) Hispolon Suppresses LPS- or LTA-Induced iNOS/NO Production and Apoptosis in BV-2 Microglial Cells. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE


2017-10  蔡伊琳

Tsai, IL* Kuo, CH Sun, HY Chuang, YC Chepyala, D Lin, SW Tsai, YJ (2017) An on-spot internal standard addition approach for accurately determining colistin A and colistin B in dried blood spots using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS


2017-10  郭志嘉 林伯興 鄭嘉雄 陳顧中 林政緯*

Lee, WY Kuo, CC Lin, BX Cheng, CH Chen, KC Lin, CW* (2017) Podocalyxin-Like Protein 1 Regulates TAZ Signaling and Stemness Properties in Colon Cancer. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES


2017-09  麥富德  Impact Factor 10.391

Chen, LY Renn, TY Liao, WC Mai, FD Ho, YJ Hsiao, G Lee, AW Chang, HM* (2017) Melatonin successfully rescues hippocampal bioenergetics and improves cognitive function following drug intoxication by promoting Nrf2-ARE signaling activity. JOURNAL OF PINEAL RESEARCH


2017-08  鄭嘉雄 糜福龍*

Wei, YC Cheng, CH Ho, YC Tsai, ML* Mi, FL* (2017) Active gellan gum/purple sweet potato composite films capable of monitoring pH variations. FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS


2017-08  糜福龍* Impact Factor 7.786

Lin, PY Chuang, EY Chiu, YH Chen, HL Lin, KJ Juang, JH Chiang, CH Mi, FL* Sung, HW* (2017) Safety and efficacy of self-assembling bubble carriers stabilized with sodium dodecyl sulfate for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins. JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE


2017-08  謝筱婷 麥富德*

Hsieh, HT Chang, HM Lin, WJ Hsu, YT Mai, FD* (2017) Poly-Methyl Methacrylate/Polyvinyl Alcohol Copolymer Agents Applied on Diabetic Wound Dressing. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS


2017-07  張亨伃 Impact Factor 8.282

Gopinathan, L Szmyd, R Low, D Diril, MK Chang, HY Coppola, V Liu, K Tessarollo, L Guccione, E van Pelt, AMM Kaldis, P (2017) Emi2 Is Essential for Mouse Spermatogenesis. CELL REPORTS


2017-07  糜福龍 Impact Factor 5.11

Mi, FL Burnouf, T Lu, SY Lu, YJ Lu, KY Ho, YC Kuo, CY Chuang, EY (2017) Self-Targeting, Immune Transparent Plasma Protein Coated Nanocomplex for Noninvasive Photothermal Anticancer Therapy. ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS


2017-06  林政緯 糜福龍*

Lu, KY Li, R Hsu, CH Lin, CW Chou, SC Tsai, ML Mi, FL* (2017) Development of a new type of multifunctional fucoidan-based nanoparticles for anticancer drug delivery. CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS


2017-06  周志銘 鄭嘉雄*

Huang, CJ Chou, CM Lien, HW Chu, CY Ho, JY Wu, YM Cheng, CH* (2017) IRF9-Stat2 Fusion Protein as an Innate Immune Inducer to Activate Mx and Interferon-Stimulated Gene Expression in Zebrafish Larvae. MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY


2017-06  呂坤穎 吳瑞裕 糜福龍*

Lin, YH Lu, KY Tseng, CL Wu, JY Chen, CH Mi, FL* (2017) Development of genipin-crosslinked fucoidan/chitosan-N-arginine nanogels for preventing Helicobacter infection. NANOMEDICINE


2017-04   何國澔 陳鵬旭 施純明 鄭嘉雄 林政緯 陳顧中* Impact Factor 5.228

Ho, KH Chen, PH Hsi, E Shih, CM Chang, WC Cheng, CH Lin, CW Chen, KC* (2017) Identification of IGF-1-enhanced cytokine expressions targeted by miR-181d in glioblastomas via an integrative miRNA/mRNA regulatory network analysis. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS


2017-04  林政緯 陳顧中 鄭嘉雄*

Lin, TH Hsu, WH Tsai, PH Huang, YT Lin, CW Chen, KC Tsai, IH Kandaswami, CC Huang, CJ Chang, GD Lee, MT Cheng, CH* (2017) Dietary flavonoids, luteolin and quercetin, inhibit invasion of cervical cancer by reduction of UBE2S through epithelial-mesenchymal transition signaling. FOOD & FUNCTION


2017-04 陳鵬旭 施純明 何國澔  鄭嘉雄 林政緯 劉安正 陳顧中*

Chen, PH Shen, WL Shih, CM Ho, KH Cheng, CH Lin, CW Lee, CC Liu, AJ Chen, KC* (2017) The CHAC1-inhibited Notch3 pathway is involved in temozolomide-induced glioma cytotoxicity. NEUROPHARMACOLOGY


2017-04  林俊茂 Impact Factor 7.145

Lee, CM Gu, JA Rau, TG Wang, C Yen, CH Huang, SH Lin, FY Lin, CM* Huang, ST* (2017) Synthetic Fluororutaecarpine Inhibits Inflammatory Stimuli and Activates Endothelial Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-Type 1. MOLECULES


2017-03 蔡伊琳

Chepyala, D Tsai, IL Liao, HW Chen, GY Chao, HC Kuo, CH (2017) Sensitive screening of abused drugs in dried blood samples using ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-ion booster-quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A


2017-03 陳建志*

Chen, YP Wu, SH Chen, IC Chen, CT* (2017) Impacts of Cross-Linkers on Biological Effects of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES


2017-03 郭勇哲

Shen, YR Wang, HY Kuo, YC Shih, SC Hsu, CH Chen, YR Wu, SR Wang, CY Kuo, PL (2017) SEPT12 phosphorylation results in loss of the septin ring/sperm annulus, defective sperm motility and poor male fertility. PLOS GENETICS


2017-03  黃彥華

Su, LJ Wu, MS Hui, YY Chang, BM Pan, L Hsu, PC Chen, YT Ho, HN Huang, YH Ling, TY Hsu, HH Chang, HC (2017) Fluorescent nanodiamonds enable quantitative tracking of human mesenchymal stem cells in miniature pigs. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS


2017-03 陳鵬旭 何國澔 施純明 鄭嘉雄 林政緯 鄭可大 劉安正 陳顧中*

Lee, CC Chen, PH Ho, KH Shih, CM Cheng, CH Lin, CW Cheng, KT Liu, AJ Chen, KC* (2017) The microRNA-302b-inhibited insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 signaling pathway induces glioma cell apoptosis by targeting nuclear factor IA. PLOS ONE


2017 吳玟欣

Wu, WS Chien, CC Liu, KH Chen, YC Chiu, WT (2017) Evodiamine Prevents Glioma Growth, Induces Glioblastoma Cell Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest through JNK Activation. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE

2017-03 陳効謙

Chen, HC Yang, HW Yang, KH* Chen, CH Hou, CC Tu, YM (2017) Facile preparation of electroactive graphene derivative and its potential application in electrochemical detection. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL

2017-02-15 施純明 林宗瑤 糜福龍*    Impact Factor 7.145

Lu, KY Lin, PY Chuang, EY Shih, CM Cheng, TM Lin, TY Sung, HW Mi, FL* (2017)

H2O2-Depleting and O-2-Generating Selenium Nanoparticles for Fluorescence Imaging and Photodynamic Treatment of Proinflammatory-Activated Macrophages. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES

2017-01-18 糜福龍  Impact Factor 7.145

Lee, KT Lu, YJ Mi, FL Burnouf, T Wei, YT Chiu, SC Chuang, EY* Lu, SY (2017) Catalase-Modulated Heterogeneous Fenton Reaction for Selective Cancer Cell Eradication: SnFe2O4 Nanocrystals as an Effective Reagent for Treating Lung Cancer Cells. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES

2017-01-11 糜福龍 陳顧中 鄭嘉雄 林政緯*

Lin, HC Lin, MH Liao, JH Wu, TH Lee, TH Mi, FL Wu, CH Chen, KC Cheng, CH Lin, CW* (2017) Antroquinonol, a Ubiquinone Derivative from the Mushroom Antrodia camphorata, Inhibits Colon Cancer Stem Cell-like Properties: Insights into the Molecular Mechanism and Inhibitory Targets. JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY

2017-01-06 林俊茂  Impact Factor 5.008

Lee, YC Su, CY Lin, YF Lin, CM Fang, CY Lin, YK Hsiao, M* Chen, CL* (2017) Lysosomal acid phosphatase 2 is an unfavorable prognostic factor but is associated with better survival in stage II colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. ONCOTARGET

2017-01-01  凌翔曦 郭智嘉 林伯興 黃彥華 林政緯*

Ling, HH Kuo, CC Lin, BX Huang, YH Lin, CW* (2017) Elevation of YAP promotes the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and tumor aggressiveness in colorectal cancer. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH


2017-01  曾厚  

Su, CH Lee, KS Tseng, TM Tseng, H Ding, YF Koch, M Hung, SH* (2017) Intraductal injection as an effective drug delivery route in the management of salivary gland diseases. EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY


2017-01  曾厚  

Su, CH Lee, KS Tseng, TM Tseng, H Ding, YF Koch, M Hung, SH* (2017)

Reply to letter "Therapeutic ductal injection in chronic sialadenitis is established". EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY




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