2010 發表論文

黃彥華 鄭可大  2010-12-01
Lu SH, Yen YK, Ling TY, Cheng KT, Shu JA, Au HK, Huang YH
*(2010). Capacitation Suppression by Mouse Seminal Vesicle Autoantigen Involves a Decrease in Plasma Membrane Ca2+-ATPase (PMCA)-mediated Intracellular Calcium. J Cell Biochem.(111):1188-1198.  20717922
張怡怡  2010-12
Chang EE, Wang WC, Zen LX, Chiang HL*(2010). Health Risk Assessment of Exposure to Selected Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Emitted from an Integrated Iron and Steel Plant. Inhalation Toxicology.(22 S2):117-125.  20820338
 麥富德  2010-10-15
Chang CM, Mai FD, SL Lei, YC Ling*(2010). Impaired sodium levels in the suprachiasmatic nucleus are associated with the formation of cardiovascular deficiency in sleep-deprived rats. J. Anat.(217):694-704.  20946541
劉豫川  2010-09-28
Yu CC, Liu YC
*, Yang KH, Tsai HY(2010). Simple method to prepare size-controllable gold nanoparticles in solutions and their applications on surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy.():-.
周志銘  2010-09
Lee FP, Jen CY, Chang CC, Chou Y, Lin H, Chou CM, Juan SH*(2010). Mechanisms of adiponectin-mediated COX-2 induction and protection against iron injury in mouse hepatocytes. J Cell Physiol.(224):837-847.   20583136
陳建志  2010-09
Chien-Tsu Chen, M F Lin, Wing P Chan, Wen-Fu Lai*(2010). MRI and histology of collagen template implantation and regeneration in rabbit knee menicus. Eur. J. Orthop. Surg. Traumatol.():-.
林俊茂 吳瑞裕  2010-0809
Huang ST, Teng CJ, Lee YH, Wu JY, Wang KL, Lin CM(2010). Design and synthesis of a long-wavelength latent fluorogenic substrate for salicylate hydro xylase: a useful fluorimetric indicator for analyte determination by dehydrogenase-coupled biosensors. Analytical Chemistry.(82):7329-7334.  20695438
劉豫川  2010-07-12
Yang KH, Liu YC*, Yu CC, Chen BC(2010). New Pathway to Prepare Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Active Au/TiO2 Nanocomposites-Containing Substrates by Sonoelectrochemical Methods. The Journal of Physical Chemistry (Part C).(114):12863-12869.
張怡怡  2010-06-18
Chang EE, Guo HC, Lee IS, Chiang PC, Huang CP(2010). Modeling the formation and assessing the risk of disinfection by-products in water distribution systems. J. ENVIRON SCI HEAL A.(45):1185-1194.  20563912
張怡怡  2010-06
Chiang PC, Chang EE*, Chuang CC, Huang CP(2010). Evaluating and Elucidating the Formation of Nitrogen-contained Disinfection by-products during Pre-ozonation and Chlorination. chemosphere.(80):327-333.  20427073
周志銘  2010-06-07
Tsai FC, Hsieh MS, Chou CM*(2010). Comparison between neurectomy and botulinum toxin A injection for denervated skeletal muscle. J Neurotrauma.(27):1509-1516.  20528164
周志銘  2010-06
Sung SC, Cheng CH, Chou CM, Chu CY, Chen GD, Hwang PP, Huang FL, Huang CJ*(2010). Expression and characterization of a constitutively active STAT6 from Tetraodon. Fish Shellfish Immunol.(28):819-828.  20156562
汪棱芳  2010-06-01
Lang YD, Hung CL, Wu TY, Wang LF, Chen CM*.(2010). The renin-angiotensin system mediates hyperoxia-induced collagen production in human lung fibroblasts. Free Radical Biology & Medicine.(49):88-95.  20353822
  林俊茂  2010-06
Huang ST, Jian JL, Peng HZ, Wang KL, Lin CM, Huang CH, Yang TCK(2010). The synthesis and optical characterization of novel iminocoumarin derivatives. Dyes and Pigments.(86):6-14  20565729
  吳瑞裕  2010-06
Tsai HP, Lin LW, Lai ZY, Wu JY, Chen CE, Huang JL, Lin CM(2011).Immobilizing topoisomerase I on a surface plasmon resonance biosensor chip to screen for inhibitors. Journal of Biomedical Sciences.():49-. 
  麥富德  2010-0515
Mai FD, Lee WL, Liu SC, Wu CW, Chen CC(2010). Fabrication of Porous TiO2 Film on Ti Foil by Hydrothermal Process and its Photocatalytic Efficiency and Mechanisms with Ethyl Violet Dye. Journal of Hazardous Materials.(177):864-875.  20080345
  麥富德  2010-0501
Mai FD, Chen LY, Ling YC, Chen BJ, Wu UI, Chang HM(2010). Molecular Imaging of In Vivo Calcium Ion Expression in Area Postrema of Total Sleep Deprived Rats: Implications for Cardiovascular Regulation by TOF-SIMS Analysis. Applied Surface Science.(256):4456-4461.
  劉豫川  2010
Yang KH, Liu YC, Hsu TC, Juang MY(2010). Strategy to improve stability of surface-enhanced Raman scattering-active Ag substrates. Journal of Materials Chemistry.(20):7530-7535.
  汪棱芳  2010-04
Tung JN, Lang YT, Wang LF, Chen CM(2010). Paraquat increases connective tissue growth factor and collagen expression via angiotensin signaling pathway in human lung fibroblasts. toxicology in vitro.(24):803-808.  20035857
  汪棱芳  2010-03-07
Lang YD, Chang SF, Wang LF, Chen CM(2010). Chymase mediates paraquat-induced collagen production in human lung fibroblasts. Toxicology letter.(193):19-25 19969051
  林俊茂  2010-02
Lee CM, Huang ST, Huang SH, Lin HW, Tsai HP, Wu JY, Lin CM, Chen CT(2010). C(60) fullerene-pentoxifylline dyad nanoparticles enhance autophagy to avoid cytotoxic effects caused by the beta-amyloid peptide. Nanomedicine: nanotechnology, biology, and medicine.(7):107-114.  20620236
  汪棱芳  2010-01-28
Jiang JS, Chou HC, Wang LF, Lang YD, Chen CM(2010). Effects of activated protein C on ventilator-induced lung injury in rats. Respiration.(80):246-253.  20110652
  黃彥華  2010
Chen CH, Yeh YC, Wu GJ, Huang YH, Lai WF, Liu JY, Tzeng CR(2010). Tracking the rejection and survival of mouse ovarian iso- and allografts in vivo with bioluminescent imaging. Reproduction.(140):105-112.  20423932
鄭可大  2010
Xu H, Ying Y, Wang ZT, Cheng KT(2010). Identification of Dendrobium Species by Dot Blot Hybridization Assay. Biol. Pharm. Bull.(33):665-668.  20410603
  周志銘  2010-01-12
Lin YF, Yeh TS, Chen SF, Tsai YH, Chou CM, Yang YY, Huang HM(2010). Nonmuscle Myosin IIA (Myosin Heavy Polypeptide 9): A Novel Class of Signal Transducer Mediating the Activation of G{alpha}h/Phospholipase C-{delta}1 Pathway. Endocrinology.(151):-.  20068007
  黃彥華 2010
Yang RB, Au HK, Tzeng CR, Tsai MT, Wu P, Wu YC, Ling TY, Huang YH(2010). Characterization of a novel cell-surface protein expressed on human sperm. Hum Reprod.(25):42-51.  19828552
  郭泰志  2010-01-15
Lin HL, Lin CC, Lin YJ, Lin HC, Shih CM, Kuo TC(2010). The determination of growth rates of micro organisms by using the optical density data of liquid cultures a revisit with the relative density approach.  Applied & Enviromental Microbiology.(76):1683-1685.
  周志銘  2010-01-14
Sun YY, Wang CY, Hsu MF, Juan SH, Chang CY, Chou CM, Yang LY, Hung KS, Xu J, Lee YH, Hsu CY(2010). Glucocorticoid protection of oligodendrocytes against excitotoxin involving hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha in a cell-type-specific manner. J Neurosci.(30):9621-9630.  20631191
  施純明  2010-01
Lin JC, Shih YL, Chien PJ, Liu CL, Lee JJ, Liu TP, Ko WC, Shih CM*(2010). Increased percentage of B cells in patients with more advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. Human Immunology.(71):58-62.  19819282
  林俊茂  2010
Tsai HP, Lin LW, Lai ZY, Wu JY, Chen CE, Hwang J, Chen CS, Lin CM(2010). Immobilizing topoisomerase I on a surface plasmon resonance biosensor chip to screen for inhibitors. J Biomedical Science.(17):49-.  20565729

Review Paper
   黃彥華  2010-06
Yen-Hua Huang, Jen-Chang Yang, Chin-Wei Wang, Sheng-Yang Lee(2010).Dental Stem Cells and Tooth Banking for Regenerative Medicine. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine.(2):111-117.

Conference Paper
   張怡怡  2010
Chang EE, Chiang PC, Liang CH, Liu ZR(2010).臭氧於淨水工程上之應用:消毒副產物與新興污染物之控制與削減. , 第五屆海峽兩岸沿海地區資源、環境與可持續發展學術研討會暨海峽兩岸博士生論壇, 天津, 大陸.():-.
  黃彥華  2010
Huang YH, Chiang SL, Chen YC, Ling TY(2010).Cross-talking of Hypoxia Stress with IGF-1R Signaling in Cancer Stem Cell Formation (Germline Lineage). .():-.
  張怡怡  2010
Chiang PC, Chang EE, Huang CP(2010).Integrated Water Management Plans Towards Sustainability: The Taiwan Experience. The Thirteenth Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference, China Chongqing.():-
  張怡怡  2010
Chiang PC, Chang EE(2010).Implementation of Integrated Water Management Plans for Sustainability. 6th International Conference on Sustainable Water Environment, Delaware, USA.():-.
  黃彥華  2010
Yu-Chih Wu, Thai-Yen Ling, Chia-Ning Shen, Yen-Hua Huang(2010).SENP1 Reduces Differentiation and Drug Resistance under Hypoxia Stress in Human Pluripotent Germ Cell Tumors. .():-.
  黃彥華  2010
Hus-Liang Chiang, Yi-Chun Chen, Shu-Fen Cheng, Thai-Yen Ling, Yen-Hua Huang(2010).Cross-talking of Niche Stress and IGF-1 Signaling in Transformation of Pluripotent Mouse Germline Stem Cells. .():-.
  黃彥華  2010
Hsin-Ying Ho, Chii-Ruey Tzeng, Heng-Kien Au, Thai-Yen Ling, Yen-Hua Huang(2010).Role of Inflammation on Transformation of Epithelial-like Endometrium Stem Cells and its Implication on Endometriosis. .():-.
  黃彥華  2010
Chang TS, Lee KF, Tung SY, Kuo LM, Huang YH(2010).Association of Enhanced IGF-1R Signaling and HBV/Inflammation with Poor HCC Prognosis. .():-.

  吳瑞裕  2010
Chou CC, Chen LC, Wu JY, Lau YH, Gao CF, Chi CW(2010).可溫控之微型生物分子反應晶片. .():-.

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